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All what you need to know about leadership essay

Moreover, introduction is also important because it’s one of a few things that encourage the readers to continue looking through your essay. If a topic looks good and catches attention, but an introduction itself is dull, many people will drop reading at this point.

So, this means that your introduction has to be short, interesting, and informative, and encourage reading more and telling something interesting about leadership. Sounds like a tough challenge, doesn’t it?

After catching readers’ attention, you have to summarize your essay and to tell your opinion at the same time. This is probably the easiest part of the whole process as everyone is able to say something about leadership.

Maybe you are a leader yourself or maybe one of your friends is? Even if not, you’ve definitely met some leader figures in your life. You can write about that, tell what do you think about the leadership in general, write about definition of the leader and mention people, who look like leaders to you, etc. There are a lot of things one can write about leadership as this field is so broad and relates to almost every aspect of our lives: after all, even our parents are leaders for us at some point of life.


If you want to write a stunning introduction, tell enough, but don’t tell too much at the same time. If you write too little, readers won’t be interested. If you write too much, readers would probably drop your essay at that point as there’ll be nothing left for them to read.

You have to intrigue, to keep the readers’ interested – that’s why it’s okay to make your leadership essay introduction arguable or provoking a discussion: people would like to read the whole essay to discuss your point. Maybe you should start with proposing some part of information related to leadership in your introduction that will be described in details in your essay.

It’s good to describe your personal opinion for the readers, but it’s even better to support it with facts and other interesting information: otherwise people might think that your essay is based on your personal experience only. Try to keep the balance here. 

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